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Empowering restaurants with the flexibility to build their own technology stack. Grow your business faster.

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Digital Transformation for Restaurants

Embrace Digital Transformation with Viandd as your restaurant-tech partner. Ace up the technology ladder with integrated solutions for all your IT needs.

With our expertise in developing comprehensive solutions for restaurants, we are able to build affordable, highly scalable, out of the box restaurant-tech for any use case.

Out of the box Restaurant software

Outsource Restaurant Technology partners

Outsource your digital ordering, social monitoring, customer analytics, consumer insights, supply chain optimization and customer-centric operations.

Co-locate and co-host your existing operations on any environment with Viandd. See signficant reduction in operational costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Colocate Restaurant Software

Whitelabeling Restaurant Software-

Expand your offering with white-labeling solutions. Get a branded solution with fully personalised user experience to suit your business needs.

Developer-Friendly API

Viandd's end-to-end restaurant management platform substantially simplifies integration. Our API provides a seamless flow of information between systems, so we can together provide the perfect restaurant-tech ecosystem that is highly scalable and easily affordable.

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