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Restaurants, on one end struggle to feed the continuous demand for the convenience of online ordering and speedy delivery while on the other end Technology is growing in limitless bounds in favor of the corporate companies that provide them. With numerous platforms available to digitize operations, restaurateurs need to consider how to make the most of their technological investments. Revenue maximization and a hassle-free operation must be the primary aim of using Technology.

Third-party discovery & delivery platforms charge weighty commissions (up to 40% of every order), take over your customer data, divert your traffic and brand your discounts with their names. Relying entirely for all your Restaurant marketing and discovery will cripple your profits and sabotage your margins.

Working with third party aggregators can no doubt boost your exposure in the industry and bring you up among your competitors who are not already ruling the marketplace with hefty discounts and offers.

Commissions overkill

Most restaurateurs agree that their main technological need is to provide a digital destination that can handle the increasing number of consumers who prefer to order online. Providing too many options by placing your business on multiple aggregator platforms creates confusion and distracts consumers with other factors such as choice over which Restaurant provides the best discounts and who offers the fastest delivery over the most important benchmark of service and taste.

“Ordering that works for you”

Viandd is a software ecosystem that helps independent restaurants and chains compete with aggregators by accepting delivery orders directly from consumers with lower costs and more control over the customer experience. Our technology works for Restaurants to significantly improve their bottom-line profits over the long run.

We also tie together off-premise programs, loyalty programs, online ordering, payments, reservations, and basic inventory management by integrating all software into a central point of sale system. This single point of view allows restaurant owners to easily see and analyze data from every software that they use.

As a recent study by Mintel reveals that Restaurateurs feel tied & bound by the commission fees they are being charged and 12% of business owners said that the fees charged were fair, 82% owners think they are overboard & overkill while, 33% went so far as to say that the fees weren’t worth the outcome.

The tide is turning

The good news is that the end consumers understand the downside of these aggregator platforms and believe that good food & service still hold utmost importance in their selection of Restaurants. And, a whopping 70% of consumers said they would prefer to order from the Restaurants own ordering platform if their money goes directly to the Restaurant and not to a third party.

Our mission is stronger than ever to work with your Restaurant and free you from heavy online ordering commissions. We charge you a flat monthly fee based on the need of your Restaurant and most importantly provide complete control over your customer data and your profitability.

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