ePOS for Restaurants

Point of Sale for Restaurants

From order taking to payments to analytics. Simple & Secure.

Device agnostic Restaurant ePOS for online order management

Viandd ePOS is built on Cloud, does not require any hardware setup and is designed to work on any device, from anywhere in the world. Adopting a SaaS model eliminates the costs of adding, maintaining and supporting new POS servers to accommodate geographical expansion.

Best price Restaurant POS

Scalable & Affordable

Works for all types & sizes of Restaurants. Supports single & multiple or chain locations. Does not require any hosting software & grows with your business. To top it all, modern POS systems are atleast 40%* cheaper than a legacy POS system.

secure restaurant ePOS

Smart & Secure

Along with simplified order execution, ePOS works with Restaurant Inventory System, Online Ordering on Mobile & Web and Logistics partners. All business data is hosted securely on Cloud and allows remote access. Upgrades to the system are instant and Support is quick & easy.

Tablet restaurant POS

Online & Offline

Works on Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, iOS & Android phones. Sync data in real-time & also work offline without interrupting your Restaurant operations. Use at the Takeaway counter, or as a order-at-table kiosk & even let your Steward carry the ePOS to better serve Customers.

ePOS for payments

Payments & Communication

Attach a card reader & take payments on the go. Accept multiple payment types like cash, cards, UPI, Wallets, NetBanking, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. Improve in-house communication by sending orders directly from the table to the kitchen thereby reducing floor traffic

ePOS, All-in-One POS with advanced Inventory Management

ePOS is much more than a traditional POS that carries a sale transaction at checkout. ePOS can be connected to external periphery devices to function as a Menu Display Board or to used to Collect Payments at the Tableside or Counter. At the tableside, ePOS can showcase a display of daily specials & discounts at real-time before taking an order from the Customer.

After an order is submitted on the ePOS, it is displayed on the Kitchen terminal. Table information & Sales information will be updated in real time and is simultaneously available to Store managers on Manager POS.

Cloud POS for Restaurants
Online Ordering

Connect with your online guests for a seamless Customer Experience from ePOS. Accept, Assign & Track Online Orders, Manage Online Menu & Prices, Allot orders to Steward/Delivery. Save Customer order history. Designate employee roles.

Use for in-store Ordering

Serve Customers the ultimate delight with an interactive menu on a tablet, showcase day specials as well as receive payments. ePOS enabled device at each table allows guests to execute orders & pay without a steward. Use at the Takeaway counter to take orders from guests & directly send them to the kitchen.

Kitchen Order Taking (KOT)

Send orders directly to the Kitchen. Set a time for preparation for pre-orders. Or display all online & in-store orders to the kitchen directly.

Bill Splitting

When you serve a large group of Customers, Bill Splitting is a common request. Never say no with an advanced Bill/Check Splitting feature enabled ePOS.

Inventory Tracking

ePOS integrated with Inventory means that you never receive an online order & later call it quits. Sync your menu with Inventory & update at real-time. Cost of Goods projection helps in maintaining consistency in product usage & reduces wastage & pilferage.

Table Management

Assign tables to Stewards. Transfer tables & checks. Track table status at real-time. Enable Online Table Reservations including seating layout & time slots available.

Logistics Management

Assign Online Orders to Delivery. Track Delivery status with GPRS. Transfer Delivery Orders among executives. Track Payments from Delivery executives. Receive feedback instantly.

Software as a Service(SaaS)

Boost Productivity & Improve Sales with access to enterprise-level architecture & efficiently manage multiple locations.

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Migrating your POS from server to Cloud for any business of any size

Established enterprises have been using Traditional POS systems for ages now. Migrating all the software is crucial & essential to work as an Omni-Channel.

A traditional POS is dependent on a on-premise software system that requires support at downtime. A Cloud POS that is safe & secure can replace multiple vendors & their systems, thereby reducing operational costs & labor costs.

Migrating to ePOS can not only perform a point of sale transaction but also fulfills: food cost calculation, quality control for supplies, procurement & storage control, efficient planning & tracking of any variations in pricing from vendor bills & others can be effortlessly managed.

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Cloud POS vs Traditional POS